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Interested in Auctioning your property?

If you have property priced to sell... Let our team work for you! Property taxes are always increasing and the amount you have to pay is getting higher and higher!  Do you have property you want to sell?  Are you wanting to liquidate your real estate assets into cash?  We feel you have property that is ideally suited to sell at auction.

The expertise and experience Johnson Auctioneers & properties, Inc. brings to the table along with our knowledge of land and real estate values, has enabled us to become a leader in our profession.

Simply put, we know the best buyers and marketing strategy to get the most money for your property.

Marketing property using the auction method eliminates typical seller problems.  You will have a set date to know when your property will be sold - plus, all interested parties will be brought to the table at the same time to get better buyers who will pay you the most for your property.  We have buyers from all over the state looking to purchase property in your area.  An auction is the sure way to get fair market yalue or more for your property.

* Full Service Auctions
Estates, Farms, Land, Commercial, Industrial, Buildings, Homes

* We List, Rent, Sell, Auction, Finance, Trade, Manage

* Our Firm Will Meet With You And Help You Decide Which Direction To Take

* There Is Hardly A Situation We Haven't Seen We Will Provide You With The Most Informed And Intelligent Decision

* When You Go With Us, You Get Our Entire Team Working For You Over 100 Years Experience Among Our Licensed Auctioneers & Brokers

* We Don't Just Sell For Our Clients, We Become A Total Focal Point To The Deal

* Our Team Of Marketing Professionals Will Use The Best Strategies And Techniques In Selling Your Properties

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